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Google Fiber Expansion On Hold • Mirror Daily

The first city who got fiber cabling in this Google Fiber project was Kansas, about five years ago

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Google Fiber decided to pause the expansion for now. This expansion was supposed to roll out fiber cables in some U.S cities. Google Fiber made this step in order to reevaluate their strategy before they continue with this project. They now want to use more wireless to bring high-speed internet.

The work that was started is going to continue in the cities that were supposed to have Google Fiber and in the cities were the project already started. Craig Barratt is the CEO of Access unit and Google Fiber is part of it. He mentioned that in the areas where the project was only up for discussions, they are going to stop the operations because they need more time to figure out if this is a good thing.

Barratt also mentioned that in other areas where the project already begun, but is not in an advanced stage,  they are going to reduce the number of employees. Because of this new dispensation, Craig Barratt has now received the position of advisor. A new CEO has to be named soon.

The first city who got fiber cabling in this Google Fiber project was Kansas, about five years ago. This project has many subscribers and the numbers are growing quickly. One of the problems is that in some areas, there are other internet providers like AT&T.

The set of rules that was adopted in June by the Federal Communication Commission to open 11 GHz of high-speed airwaves made bigger internet providers have even more opportunities.  In June, Google Fiber was able to increase the urban coverage and to deliver high-speed internet.

This April Google tested the project in Kansas City in order to see if it will be a success for other parts of the country.

The cities in which the project was paused for now are Portland, Phoenix, Tampa, Oklahoma City, San Jose, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, and Dallas.

Google Fiber is going to continue the project but only after they find the right strategy. The fact that they want to focus on wireless has brought in some critics. Let’s hope that Google Fiber is going to resolve its issues soon and continue the project.

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