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Google Gives Play Books a Comic Reading Mode • Mirror Daily

Google’s Play Books will be easier to use on smartphones for comic book readers.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Google gives Play Books a comic reading mode in an effort to make the application more user-friendly for comic book readers. The new mode is a method if improving the reading experience Google Play Books offers for comic book readers in particular since comic books, which feature stories revolving around the artwork made for each issue, involve a lot of page turning.

The high number of graphic novels distributed through the Play store has made Google update its book application in order to offer users a better experience and facilitate the use of the app when reading comic books in this format.

The new comic book mode is made to target tablet and smartphone users as reading comic books is a lot more difficult on the smaller screens that these devices feature. Google has issued a statement explaining that the company is aware of the inconvenience of reading comic books on tablets and phones and has explained that it will be introducing a new vertical scrolling experience for comics when viewed in the app’s landscape mode.

This new reading mode will ensure that users can follow the story and the dialogue as well as enjoy the artwork at a pace they find comfortable according to the company. In order to access the new scrolling features, users only need to flip their devices on the side for the comic book or graphic novel to be displayed in the landscape mode.

In addition to making reading comic books a more pleasant experience, Google has also announced it will be updating the navigation system for its Play Store, so that users can access and navigate the Play Store’s library of visual stories easier and more comfortably. The new experience will also include recommendations for users on what comic books they might enjoy reading next.

This is good news for comic book lovers, as Google already offers a wide selection of comics from all the major publishers in their Play Store, featuring titles from the likes of DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image and IDW. The company has claimed that the large variety of titles its Play Store offers can cater to both long-time fans of the genre as well as people just starting to read comic books.

The improvements made to Play Store are expected to go into effect within the next few days. The iOS will also benefit from the changes later on. The new features will be available for users in several countries, including the United States and Canada.

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