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Google Glass Makes a Comeback With New Design and Better Battery Life • Mirror Daily

Google Glass is not dead yet. Yes, it’s true that Google has stopped selling it directly to consumers, but a recent report reveals that a new version of Google Glass will be released to some business users.

A wearable computer that brings information directly above the user’s eye, Google Glass makes a comeback, and the new device is specifically designed to provide a hands-free tool for industries that could use it the most, such as workers in manufacturing, healthcare and other branches.

Even though rumors of a new version of Glass being released by Google, inside sources confirm that we won’t lay eyes on any hardware for at least another year.

Reports from The Wall Street Journal say that Google is currently working on the down low with developers and businesses in order to come up with creative and useful applications that would turn the new Glass in an advance technology in the workplace.

Google Glass is best-known for allowing the user to watch digital content on top of various real-world environments. Some of the basic features include pairing it up with a smartphone so you can run apps, surf the web, ask questions and hear the answer spoken in the ear-piece; and that’s just the beginning.

Glass has been undergoing development for several years, and Google has been sending invites left and right for developers and early adopters to enter the Glass Explorer program. By joining it, any business was allowed to buy a kit for $1500.

However, earlier in 2014, the program was canceled with promises that a retooling was in the making. But concerns were already rising, as the Google Glass seemed to be addressing a very narrow niche to begin with.

Its high price, limited features and the privacy problems with the Explorer Edition hardware, they all made analysts skeptical about its success as a consumer device.

But an updated Glass that would allow doctors to keep looking at their patients rather than having to turn down to their clipboards, or one that would make it easier for a field technician to read instructions while looking at the item they’re fixing, that’s not such a bad idea.

The WSJ report has revealed that an Intel processor was included in the new device, and its battery life is much better than the original. Most visible of all, the new design has removed the wire-frame present in the old Glass. Instead the new Glass can be attached to whatever glasses you might be wearing, enabling you to move the display up, down, or left and right.
Image Source: New York Post

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