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Google Hangouts 4.0 is Here And It's Sleek

The new update features some design changes and a promise for faster performances.

The company has been working hard behind the curtain and Google Hangouts 4.0 is here and it’s sleek, new and promised to be much faster. Among many other similar apps who are fighting in the competition of instant messaging, Hangouts is battling hard against others such as What’s Up and Telegram by providing enhancements for users to enjoy.

When the competition is that hot, every update matters. According to Google, the new Hangouts 4.0 update to roll out on Android will display better performance through the company’s Material Design philosophy. It has quite a good resume, considering they’re the ones responsible for Android Lollipop 5.0.

The items features in Hangouts now are reportedly more intuitive and fly smoothly from one place to another, adding more fluidity to the tech app. It adds all the animated flourishes expected from a piece of software developed by such a tech veteran like Google, who is advancing technology in nearly every domain.

Their instant messaging app has seen quite a lot of popularity due to its multiple functions, such as live conferences, using the Draw feature, screencaptures and the Google Effects that have proven a good addition for the more youthful users who might use filters. It may just be an avid Instagram user doing it for dramatic effect or simple entertainment.

The Google Hangouts 4.0 update also features an interface that is much more user-friendly, successfully simplifying it, adding a few options that have admittedly been seen in other apps for a while now. A new ‘Compose’ button will be seen in the bottom right corner of the app’s home screen, for a quick opening of a new conversation.

A similar addition has been made for some time in Gmail or Telegram, and has proven itself quite useful. The contacts in Hangouts are now also ‘streamlined’, allowing user to gain access to their friends much faster.

When in conversation, things have seen a bit of a change as well. Users will have now have a different system for adding attachments, by now getting a preview of the images on the bottom of the screen. Sharing has just been made much easier, and reportedly much faster.

However, with every smartphone owner out there, the most important issue is the battery life by a landslide. According to Google, the problem is well ingrained into their mind and the 4.0 update will ease up on battery consumption and yet provide faster communication.

The update has been rolled out on iOS a month ago and Android is now finally catching up.

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