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Google Has Uncovered New Voice Typing Function in Docs • Mirror Daily

Google’s new options for Docs offer support to teachers and students.

Now that a new school year is about to begin, Google has uncovered new voice typing function in Docs together with other student-oriented options. Tech savvies have already took turns to test the new functions and the majority of them have concluded that the voice typing option has been majorly improved, but there is still room for more.

No matter how good their algorithms may be, most voice recognition programs make mistakes when reproducing dictated words. Google’s new voice typing function in Docs is still somewhat flawed in that it fails to accurately reproduce the words that users utter.

Nevertheless, there have been some improvements compared to previous versions. Testers have agreed that the program is great, especially for meetings and classes when students have to type really fast. Punctuations have to be verbally signaled, like users used to do with older versions.

There have been other features added along with the voice typing app. According to Google, users can access the Research tool if they want to quickly look for content on the Internet. The found data may be afterwards inserted in specific documents, according to users’ wishes. Similar to Bing, Internet searches are completely safe due to the SafeSearch.

Google Docs users have the possibility to keep a track of all the changes that other users have brought to a specific document. They can switch between different versions and choose the one that is more appropriate for them. The “See New Changes” option displays all the modifications of the document using different colors.

Google claims the aforementioned features were introduced to improve the Docs service and to offer a better experience to students and employers. The service aims to stimulate the use of Cloud services, but users have to have the Chrome browser installed on their computers.

Most apps are compatible with iOS and Android, but some of them may only be available on desktop devices. Google Docs’ Voice Typing program can only work with desktop versions, but the company may release other versions in the future.

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