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Google Introduces New ‘Your Timeline’ Feature for Google Maps • Mirror Daily

First glimpse of Google’s Maps Timeline feature.

According to a recent announcement published on the giant company’s website, Google introduces new ‘Your Timeline’ feature for Google Maps to allow users to trace their past locations. This new option is expected to become very popular, especially during the holiday months because users have the possibility to upload pictures and information related to the locations they visit.

Google is constantly redesigning its Google Maps platform. As a matter of fact, a change was long expected, given that competing companies like Microsoft are working to introduce their own maps. In addition, many users are expected to rely on Google maps for their summer holidays, so Google is now trying to lend them a helping hand by introducing the new ‘Your Timeline’ feature.

For those of you, who find it hard to understand how the new page works, visualizing Facebook’s Timeline feature could be really helpful. Google’s new page works in pretty much the same way, namely, the page creates a history of all the places that travelers have visited in the past.

Pics and other useful information are inserted along the road, because Google wants its Maps application to be as helpful as possible. The really cool setting of the new feature is that users can personalize their own timelines with their personal experiences.

Thus, if you visited a place and took a nice picture of you and your friends, you can upload it on your Google Maps Timeline. This will not only give possible visitors of the website additional information about the respective place, but it also allows you to brag about your adventurous adrenaline-filled life.

If you have a favorite place, you would like to recommend and are not afraid of stalkers and possible serial killers on the lookout for perfect victims on the Internet, you can also pinpoint particular locations on the map and designate them as ‘may favorite park’, ‘my favorite supermarket’, etc.

As expected, the new feature that Google has provided us with has caused precautious people to wonder how safe will the app be. Google has answered to their concerns by stating that the information they write on their Timeline is private and that they are the only ones, who can modify or delete it. Downright paranoiac users have an option, too; they can opt out of this feature by turning off the location tracker.

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