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Google is Bringing You Home Services Faster

Handymen, electricians, plumbers and others will be a click away.

The yellow pages seem now a distant memory with ample digital resources replacing them, but Google is bringing you home services faster and now apparently trying to wean out the competition. Others, such as Amazon, Angie’s List and Yelp have been battling it out on who can provide you the best around-the-house repairs, but the tech giant is also running in the race.

And it’s certainly doing it in style. By searching a few distinct key words such as “clogged toiler”, “lock repair”, “dirtied house” or many others, Google previously offered links on numerous websites of nearby handymen who could provide help with those issues.

Or, the more notable YouTube links that showed you in great detail how to make those repairs yourself, but not all of us are willing to take up tools and start tinkering around. The results can be worse than the actual problem.

The new feature will no longer imply several clicks or research, but instead will allow you do to everything by staying on Google. When searching for the aforementioned key words, the search engine will now provide you a list of certified and licensed specialists that could certainly help you with your needs.

They include electricians, locksmiths, plumbers, house cleaners or handymen, with a featured photo, a star rating, reviews and the quick “Send Request” option that will instantly place in your demand. And there is no need to question their quality or capability. All featured services will be tested and certified by Google themselves.

Furthermore, there won’t be hacks or servicemen of questionable professions dabbling around your house and poking at things until they inform you that the issue in not repairable. Each and every service will have to pay in order to be featured on the search engine, and would have gone through extensive background checks and a proper procedures before being recommended to the public.

It seems that everything is becoming just one click away, and Google is apparently trying to cover every inch of possible services known to man. Whatever it is, Google will provide it for you, or at least use its YouTube option to demonstrate how to do it yourself.

Sadly for those who are unskilled in tools or uninterested in learning the craft, the service is currently only available in the San Francisco area, but there is a possibility of Google expanding to other major cities around the United States.

The search engine will now connect you instantly to servicemen, and provide you a quick and simple way to request the professional help for the little kinks and issues in your house.

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