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Google Is to Introduce New ‘Chromecast’ This Month • Mirror Daily

Google’s new generation of Chromecast includes audio streaming.

Based on recent rumors, Google is to introduce new ‘Chromecast’ this month at their annual press conference on September 29 in San Francisco. The event will see the presentation of other much-awaited devices, such as the new model of Nexus smartphones.

The information has been collected from the recent FCC files that the tech giant has submitted. This further confirms our beliefs that the new generation of Chromecast devices will soon be commercialized.

The description in the filing hints to a small wireless electronic device that can be attached to other gadgets to enable file transfer. Chromecast streamers are the only ones that match this description; hence the conclusion that Google is preparing the 2nd Chromecast generation.

For those of you, who may not be familiar with these devices, Chromecast models are used to connect a smaller device, such as, a smartphone to larger gadgets (TVs, PCs, etc.). Once connected, the data on the first device will be displayed on the second appliance, as well.

This time, however, Google no longer uses physical components to attach the two devices together. The developing company has made their new Chromecast models compatible with Wi-Fi networks. We assume users will wirelessly share data from one widget to another.

Among other upgrades that Google appears to have made is also the new Chromecast’s ability for audio streaming. This is a new feature compared to the previous generation, which only included video streaming specs.

The press conference on September 29 will see the introduction of many other new models, Google’s reps have stated. The new model of Nexus smartphone is expected to make its entrance and put an end to all rumors related to its technical specs.

Google has confirmed that the main discussions will be centered on Nexus’ new model. They have informed us that the smartphone, which was developed in collaboration with Huawei and LG, will feature Android’s 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

Yet, developers should expect to see many more presentations and ‘new treats’, according to Google.

Stay tuned for more details on the Google’s future press event.

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