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Google Launched the Latest OS Android Oreo • Mirror Daily

Google has just launched the 8th Android version, Android Oreo

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Google has just announced the long-awaited Android 8 OS. As many speculations indicated, the operating system bears the name Oreo. As the company has promised, the system brought several upgrades to the already existing features, as well as brand new options. All of them make Android Oreo safer and Android Nougat, and offer a better user experience.

The major novelty in Android Oreo is probably Project Treble. This is an exciting option which makes it possible for manufacturers to create and deliver updates more quickly. Before, the process was a bit more complicated, as Google delivered code to the processor makers, and then it got to the phone manufacturers.

Another interesting feature is Rescue Party. This allows devices running Android Oreo to recover if they constantly crash, or if an app gives them a hard time. Rescue Party continue running the devices even after rebooting, to see if they have a chance to recover.

This can happen for five times and, if the device is still not working, the user is encouraged to send it back for a reboot. Also, devices with Android Oreo will boot faster. Tests show the booting actually takes place twice as fast as it took place in Android Nougat.

Redesign and improved features with Android Oreo

Although this is not a major change, Android Oreo also gets a redesign and a more neatly-looking interface. Users will gain more access from the navigation bar, as well as features like magnification. Also, they will be able to share files more quickly using web links.

The menu gets easier to use, as the OS will support tooltips. These are, in fact, pop-ups which describe apps and other items in the menu, displaying a short text when you tap them. However, the best thing is probably the fact that users no longer have to download certain apps, as they can open them directly from the browser.

Among other features, there is Picture in Picture, where you can view two apps at the same time, better battery life, better performance, several brand new emojis, or greatly improved security features.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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