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Google Lets You Create Your Own 3D World While Playing with Blocks • Mirror Daily

Play with Blocks and create 3D objects which you can insert into your VR games

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Google got really involved in the VR business, and is planning to make it easier for everybody to build their own 3D universe they have been only dreaming of. Blocks is a new app which allows you to create 3D objects right into virtual reality.

Your own 3D universe is just several clicks away

Have you always thought of drawing your own 3D world, but never got the chance or means to do it? Now Google wants to make it happen, and everything for free. Blocks is already available for the VR equipment Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The app will resemble Quill, released by Oculus Story Studio, or Google’s other creative tool Tilt Brush. What is different about Blocks is that final creations won’t look like brushwork. As the name says, the objects will be blocky and will resemble Legos.

Blocks lets you be as creative as you like

You’ve never worked with 3D modelling? You shouldn’t worry, as Google announced the tool is easy to use, and requires no previous experience with other modelling tools. It should make you feel like you are playing, so nothing gets too complicated.

Also, if you feel that you lack inspiration, Blocks offers you some starting palettes and colors. You don’t start from a blank screen which then you should fill. Feel free to be as creative as it gets but, if you reached a dead end, you can always take a look at what other people have created, and maybe pick up some hints for what you should be doing next.

Once you’re done, you can take your object and insert it into a VR or AR game. If you want to show it to your friends, you can capture it in a GIF and image and keep it as a memory of your efforts. Even if you don’t want to integrate your creations into VR, Blocks might be a fun app which lets you be creative.

Image Source: Vimeo

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