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Google Offers Open Source Software for Machine Learning • Mirror Daily

A new open-source software for machine learning has been offered by Google.

(Mirror Daily, United Stated) – Google offers open source software for machine learning in order to aid in the development of better machine learning systems. The company has created Tensor Flow, a new machine learning system that acts as the backbone of several of its services, including Google Photos and Google Translate, as well as some of its features like the search and the smart reply.

The software transfers complex data structures called tensors through an artificial brain and has earned the name Tensor Flow because of this ability. Tensor Flow will be offered as an open-source software in order to allow anyone free access to it. This can help developers download the software and use it to improve their applications by making them smarter.

The company is also hoping that making the software open-source will encourage people to contribute to the expansion of the virtual library, as anybody in the online community would be free to actively contribute to the source code as well as provide feedback on how it works and what may or may not need to be changed for it.

Representatives of the company have explained that the program has been built specifically so as not to be highly tied to the hardware the company has. Tensor Flow was designed this way in order to allow researchers to use the machine learning engine on their own computers so that it will also process additional data sets.

A development of better machine learning software could help companies identify where and when their products are more likely to break down and that leaving the software open-source will allow many developers to not only test flaws in their applications but also improve them and help them become smarter.

This decision by Google also allows for a large number of people to work on making the open source software better, as well as finding new uses for it and taking it to the next level according to Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research.

The new software has a C++ interface as well as a complete Python API which will allow for the building and the execution of graphs. This decision comes at a time where more and more companies like Google and Facebook are investing considerable resources in the development of AI by equipping and staffing research labs, encouraging the publishing of research papers on the subject as well as holding lectures in universities about the advances made in the field.

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