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Android platform has already overtaken iOS in the smartphone market segment. The 2014 data reveals that Google has surpassed Apple for the total number of apps- 1.43 million compared to 1.21 million. For the first time since the launch of the App Store, Google has overtaken Apple with the highest number of apps.

The growth is not limited to Apple or Google app store. There has been a 90% growth in Amazon’s app store-up to 293,000 apps. It will be extremely beneficial for those who are using BlackBerry 10 smartphones or Kindle Fire devices preloaded with Amazon App Store.

Business and food & drink saw the biggest growth in iOS while Android saw the highest growth in games and photography. With the Android cameras getting better, it is not surprising to such growth in photography. Much of this growth took place in the latter half of the year. More developers joined Google in 2014 as compared to the combined total of Apple and Amazon. App development is also on the rise and saw a growth of 50% in 2014. The highest growth happened in Google.

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