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Google Pushes Buggy Apps Down in the Play Store List • Mirror Daily

Google Play promotes apps with a good performance on Google Play

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Google will soon roll out a change on its Play Store which will help those apps with good ranking. More precisely, those which perform better will receive some sort of a privileged status, and will be favored in the Store over those with a poor performance.

Pushing the best-ranked apps on top of the Play Store list

Google wants to help users find the best apps out there, so the company is going to promote those apps with a good performance. More precisely, those apps which rarely crash and don’t consume too much of your battery will appear on top. At the same time, the others which have many reported bugs and an overall poorer performance will be somewhere lower on the list.

This is also a great move for the good apps, as they get a better exposure and an increasing number of users. Also, it should get the developers motivated to keep them up-to-date and less buggy. Google came up with this idea after finding out about half of those apps with a one-star rating have issues with stability.

Now poor apps get the chance to be improved

Also, this method of ranking is directed towards the other developers as well. If one of their apps gets poor ratings, and then gets pushed down in the Play Store as well, they might get motivated to solve the issues and maybe, in the end, reach the top of the list.

Google will thoroughly develop a system of quality signals. They will take into account several factors, including battery drainage, number of crashes, number of uninstalls, and many others, and give a ranking to the app. Any other details haven’t been released yet.

The company has already started rolling out this feature to some users, and the result have been relevant. Now, it hopes this algorithm will help users find the best apps, uninstall them less often, and never experience serious performance problems again.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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