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Google Really Spent Some Time Preparing for April Fools’ • Mirror Daily

Google spent some time and resources preparing for April Fools’, and the result was hilarious.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Yesterday was the 1st of April, or the day when nobody believes anything they see on the internet. George Martin is working on a new saga, the Eiffel Tower is closed indefinitely, and many other “breaking news” flooded the internet yesterday. But Google really spent some time preparing for April Fools’ because their videos were elaborate, and actually quite catchy.

Google Plastic Cardboard

Probably one of the best prank videos that Google released this 1st of April was the one about Google Plastic Cardboard. As you can see from the video, the innovation from the company comes in transparent, hard plastic with great features.

Not only can it be used for the ultimate high graphics, stereo sound, intriguing plot video game that is called real life, but it can also be equipped with different additional features. Users can choose between analogue and digital clock, reading mode, cinematic mode, landscape mode and even sleep mode.

And from the looks of the video, Google really spent some time preparing for April Fools’. And it’s good that the company feels so secure about its actual product that it can make fun of it with a video that is basically telling users that reality will be a better experience anytime and anywhere.

New Emoji Search Feature for Google Photo

Google has revolutionized the way in which we search for photos in our folders. And since smartphones are equipped with high-resolution cameras, people tend to store thousands and thousands of pictures on their electronic devices.

But what if you forgot the name of the costume your dog was wearing two Halloweens ago, and you really want to show that picture to your date? Fear no more, because there is a new emoji search feature for Google Photos.

realBooks by Google

Some people prefer to read books in their classical format; others like to store them all on an electronic device and save the forests. But the thing with eBooks is that they can’t be displayed one by one in a custom made bookshelf.

Luckily, Google thought about that, and it created realBooks. The idea is simple, they take an electronic device, strip it of any unnecessary feature and allow the upload of a single book. Now people will be able to fill their bookshelves once more.

Self-Driving Bike by Google Netherlands

The self-driving bike by Google Netherlands is believed to be “the best invention since the bike, itself.”

Because there is still a long road ahead for the self-driving car, the engineers in the Netherlands believed that they must take innovation step by step, exactly how it was designed to in the first place.

The self-driving carriage was already invented a long time ago thanks to the “horse” intelligent feature, so the next logical step was the self-driving bike.

Now, parents in the Netherlands can enjoy some extra time for themselves as children hop on their self-driving bike and roam the city. Unfortunately, the transportation wonder was only available yesterday.

Compressing at X

Google really spent some time preparing for April Fools’, and we can see that from the video that tackles the benefits of compression starring Richard Hendricks of “Silicon Valley,” an HBO original sitcom.

In this video, Hendricks talks about the benefits of compression. He explains that writing has been going through a continuous change and compression from the elaborate Egyptian pictograms to the written words and expressions that we use today.

He also tries to address climate change by proposing to shrink the cows so that they won’t release so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Hendricks even has a solution for the self-driving car which is, yes, shrinking.

And these are not the only pranks that Google pulled this 1st of April. The company also released a video that presents the ultimate app, the missing sock finder available only in Australia. They also created a new app that would send automated emoji replies to your texts, so that users would not bother themselves with the frequent “lol” responses.

Furthermore, they convinced Snoop Dog to take part into a “SnoopaVision” ruse and Japan that they need a new keyboard, the Flick, that feels realer than the impersonal touchscreen.

Google really spent some time preparing for April Fools’ and their hoaxes are more and more elaborate each year. But at least, they have a sense of humor, and they are confident enough of their products to make fun of them once a year.

Maybe next year we’ll see a short video with Atlas destroying humankind in a robot rage episode.

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