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Google Sprayscape Offers Unique360-Degree Experiences • Mirror Daily

Google Sprayscape doesn’t provide users with high accuracy for their images.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Google Sprayscape is the latest application from the tech giant. It allows users to experience virtual reality in a unique way, via a 360-degree camera device. All that users have to do is have an Android mobile phone nearby and let their imagination run free.

Developers themselves describe Google Sprayscape as

“a perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera app for Android.”

This accounts for their intention of presenting an interesting, yet not revolutionary app. Their aim is to make it available to as many users as possible in order to be tried out.

Google Sprayscape offers a fun way of spending your time, and it can be classified as one of the apps encouraging digital artists.

All you have to do in order to enjoy the experience offered by Google Sprayscape is download the app on your mobile phone or other device featuring a camera. When you access the application, a specific background pops up. By touching the screen, you select areas that you want your camera to focus on.

The innovation brought by this app is that the images take the shape of an oval. Moreover, the application is guiding users through lines and arrows to follow in order to take the most interesting images and angles. The features of the app are set in such a way that users should have complete liberty when creating their footage.

As developers have already stated, the application is not supposed to provide users with high accuracy for their images. The result has the seaming of a picture collage with dispassionate areas. Google Sprayscape doesn’t come with many editing features either. There are three of them, and all include oval shapes.

You can have fun taking pictures and making collages of your friends eating, walking, of your pet going around the house or of buildings and surroundings. You can mix them in an original collage, to which you can even add selfies.

The app allows you to save the files in Google Drive, and you can also convert them into JPEGs. Once you are done editing your project, you can post it on Facebook so that everyone can see your latest work.

Google  Sprayscape is not a professional tool. It doesn’t require exceptional skills or advanced IT knowledge. You can create 360-degree images which have the seaming of surrealist works of art. The only thing you can test with this app is how far your imagination goes. Will you give it a try?

Image courtesy of: Flickr

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