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Google Street View Offers Us a Tour of the International Space Station • Mirror Daily

Google Street View will offer us a complete tour of the International Space Station

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Google Street View does not cease to amaze us with the most impressive locations it allows us to explore. This time, it decided to add the most unlikely place you could ever think of. In fact, you can’t even find it on a map, but Google will offer you exclusive view of it. We are talking about the International Space Station.

Google collaborated with several space agencies

The addition of the International Space Station on Google Street View came after a collaboration between the tech company and the European Space Agency (ESA). For six months, one ESA astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, offered to take pictures of the station and send them to Google to create this stunning project.

Google also collaborated with the Marshall Space Flight Center and NASA to find a better technique to shoot the photos. They wanted to see how to obtain the best photos in zero gravity by using a DSLR and other equipment already existent on the International Space Station.

A 360-degree panoramic view of the International Space Station with annotations

Pesquet took photos from all angles, and then sent them to Google. Once they reached Earth, the company put them all together and created a 360-degree panoramic view of the station. The astronaut took photos of all 15 modules of the International Space Station, so users will be able to perform a complete tour and see everything there is to see.

As you perform the tour, Google will offer you annotations on certain items, explaining what astronauts use them for or offering other kinds of useful information. This is the first time when Google Street View offers annotations. Previously, this feature was available only for museums on Google Arts and Culture.

This is the most ambitious and exciting Google Street View project, offering users a glimpse into an inaccessible place. Many of them have probably wondered how it is to live like an astronaut, and Google decided to let them have a complete tour of the International Space Station.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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