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Google Translate App Update: Translate Printed Text In 20 More Languages – Mirror Daily

Last December, an update rendered the Google Translate app had a must-have tool for lovers of travelling abroad, as it brought to users real-time text and voice translation. Gone are the days when a tourist must have a dictionary at hand, as Google Translate had become your own personal and instant translator.

But the search giant did not stop there. Yet another update was released more recently, expanding its visual translation capabilities with 20 more languages. While most of the European languages available are in a two-way relationship with English, the app also includes a one way translation from English to Hindi and Thai, with updates on the way soon.

Before this new update, the app performed translations from printed text only for seven languages, among which English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian were included. Accessing the app now will offer the user 20 more languages, from all around Europe and beyond.

You can use the app’s translation abilities from Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Filipino, Ukrainian or Catalan – and more.

And don’t worry about having an Internet connection available! The app’s most impressive feature is that it allows users to access the language database offline, as well as online. Do you need an English word translated into Hindi? Tests have proved the app has not trouble translating it on the spot – with or without a good Internet connection.

At the same time, the app can handle a longer text, doing its job perfectly: all you have to do is type or touch the word needs translation and the Hindi equivalent will appear immediately on your screen.

However, creators mentioned that translating more than one word while offline might prove a little difficult – demonstrations showed that asking the app to translate a sentence of more than four words to Hindi while offline might result in a chopped translation, and words might be missing here and there.

And print text translations aren’t the end of it, not by far. The Google Translate app also offers the users seamless voice translations in more than 90 languages, and it 32 of those, users can access real-time voice translations.

The best feature so far – that still needs some more developing – is the new multilingual mode that has been recently added. Two people can have an instant conversation in a different language, as the app can identify the language and give translations, but this feature is only available via a good Internet connection.
Image Source: iDownload Blog

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