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Google Voice Has Been Improved – Mirror Daily

According to the official blog owned by the popular tech giant, Google Voice has been improved. Google Voice is 50 percent better now at transcribing voice messages into text. People who use Hangout and Project Fi know that Google Voice is quite a useful option that has been deemed as useless by most people who tried to use it.

The service allows users to convert their voicemails into text so they can read them later. While the errors inside the service could have been prevented by just simply listening to the messages, Google Voice offered people the possibility to read the mails instead of listening to them when they couldn’t have done it because of various reasons.

This is one of the best options offered by the software but it failed in quite a number of cases because of interpretation mishaps and autocorrect. The results were frequently confusing and even incomprehensible. This means that the entire endeavor was quite unreliable as there wasn’t any point in reading a text that was simply unintelligible when you had the option to simply listen to the voicemail.

Google tried to address the issue over the years but now Google voice has been improved as the company has found a way to update the software and started listening to the demands of its users. The company improved the errors in the transcripts by 49 percent, which means that the number of mistakes is split into half. This was possible with the help of the people using the software.

Google asked a number of users to send them voicemails along with the transcripts of those messages in order to better understand where the problem was. The many files the company received served perfectly in helping them address the problems and fix the errors commonly found in the software. At the current time, about half of the problems with Google Voice have been removed.

This is good news for a lot of people and the improvements will be used on Project Fi also. This means that the users will face far less errors when transcribing voicemails. From now on the text will probably have a lot more meaning, instead of being a complete gibberish and combination of words that make no sense when put together.

Google said that this was only possible with the help of users everywhere who were willing to send the company their private voicemails. Maybe this means that Google Voice will be free of errors one day.

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