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Google Wants You To Give Your OnHub More Personality

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – Given the usually bland design of routers, Google wants you to give your OnHub more personality by customizing it to your taste. Routers are usually little boxes that stand around the house, hidden behind books, lamps, or tucked away underneath desks. Their design is usually boring or even unappealing.

Google means to tackle that issue by bringing forward some fun new designs that would help make your router look a bit more attractive. The OnHub products from the tech giant admittedly do not look bad. They have a sleek, smooth, dark, and professional design. However, ‘professional’ is not always the most entertaining.

That is why Google presented three types of new OnHub Shells for the purpose of adding that extra dose of fabulous to your router. The tech company has made the variations available on the Google Store, ranging in prices from $29 to $39. The three types include a classy wood texture, a grey and black split, and a gold and white split with an elegant and simple look.

But, tech companies are good at making powerful and reliable routers. Their design should be naturally left to the creative minds, so they opted for several designers around the world to make their own OnHub Shell. The models vary, from beautiful gradients, to amusing shapes, and practical objects, such as an internet providing fruit bowl.

There are a dozen examples provided, prompting everyone to let their creative juices flowing. Whether you’re a professional designer or amateur, whether you use paint, fur, plastic, or finger painting, Google invites everyone to bring a fun twist to the usually bland product. And, who knows, if you end up doing something remarkable, it might even be featured in the Maker Gallery.

It’s a collection of all the great ideas that have sprung from minds of OnHub users. Google has made the Maker Packet available for 3D files, or simple patterns and guidelines that would work. If you actually own a 3D printer, that just makes things a whole lot easier. All prospective designers have to do is get inspired, bring out their creativity, and then share their creation with #OnHubMakers.

There are endless ways to design the cylinder shape OnHub and make it a little more interesting to have in your house. Google’s aim was to promote the idea that having your router in sight will provide better internet connectivity. If it’s stashed behind a couple of books, it’s unlikely that it will display exceptional results. Everyone’s invited to share their ideas and make sure Google sees it.

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