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Google’s Nest Will Unveil New Wireless Security Camera • Mirror Daily

Google’s new Nest security camera will sport many more options due to the upcoming Nest app.

Rumors that Google’s Nest will unveil new wireless security camera are closer to becoming reality as a new photo has leaked on the company’s Droid-life website. While not revealing enough, the image contains sufficient information to at least hint to some features that the new security camera from Nest will have.

Google has been trying to get into the home security zone for a long time now. The company has developed previous other projects in the past in order to design an online app that efficiently monitors the activity in a person’s home.

The next step that the search giant developer planned on doing was to launch a high-tech security camera. Many rumors have circled the Internet since the company first made the announcement, but no official declarations have been yet released.

Tech analysts, on the other hand, have taken the time to closely analyze the situation. They have thus, managed to get their hands on the first picture of Google’s Nest security camera.

Based on their declarations, the wireless security camera was produced by the company after the acquisition of Dropcam in 2014. Google paid approximately $555m back then to get full access to Dropcam’s tech projects and one year later, the new wireless security camera is about to be launched.

According to the image that was accidentally released on the Internet, the camera will sport a 1080p video recorder and will be compatible with Bluetooth technology. Producers think the Nest camera will be much more popular than other products on the market as it gives users the possibility to add many more services with the help of Google’s apps.

The search company has in fact announced a new Nest app which will link the security camera with other devices in the house. The Nest app controls the sensors in all home gadgets enabling customers to program various electronic devices to perform certain security actions, such as, lock the doors, surveille the rooms and turn on the heat.

Project Brillo is another software that Google has announced during their Google I/O Developers’ Conference. The program is meant to facilitate communication between various devices, but spokespersons did not specify whether the new Nest security camera will be endowed with this software.
Image Source: Android

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