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Google’s New Operating System: Fuchsia • Mirror Daily

Fuchsia is a flower with a particular color, which also gave the name of the color, and of the new Google operating system

(Mirror Daily, United States) Colorful Google is always one step ahead of us, as smart engineers work in order for things to be so. Technology advances every day with the sole purpose of making our lives easier. The latest suggestion from Google is a new operating system, called Fuchsia. Do you want to know more about it?

People behind Google are very thoughtful and responsive to users’ needs. It is no mystery to anyone that almost every person owns both a laptop or a PC and a mobile smartphone or a tablet in order always to be in touch with the online environment. So Google comes up with an idea which will actually allow you to keep only one device, and be pleased with its services. How? Through Fuchsia, an operating system that can function both on small and large devices.

Fuchsia is only at the beginning of something that can turn into a huge career or even the future of online technology.

On the other hand, last year there were some rumors about the fusion between Android and Chrome OS, which might have resulted in Fuchsia, as the outcome was due to 2017. Official information has not been released yet, and this is why these are only speculations.

Fuchsia is said not to use Linux, but another kernel, of its own, named LittleKernel (LK). Google gave some details about it on the GibHub page:

“LK is a Kernel designed for small systems typically used in embedded applications.  It is good alternative to commercial offerings like FreeRTOS or ThreadX. Such systems often have a very limited amount of ram, a fixed set of peripherals and a bounded set of tasks.”

One of the great advantages of Google’s new operating system is that it is accessible and suitable for any device, a feature which can really make your life easier. Since no further information has been released, there are not many details left to offer. However, the project has all odds of becoming one of the most popular services provided by Google.

Now all that users have to do is to wait until they can actually try it out and see for themselves how Fuchsia works and what has it been designed for. Definitely, only good things can come out of this!

Image source: Wikipedia

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