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Google’s Santa Tracker is Up and Running

The Santa Tracker brings many new features this year

(Mirror Daily, United States) – This year, just as the last, your kid or the child in you will have plenty of fun now that Google’s Santa Tracker is up and running.

Those of you who have kids know for sure how excited they get over Christmas and the coming of the old bearded man who is bearing presents, as soon as Thanksgiving’s over. Those of you who don’t have kids, definitely remember how anxious you were as children waiting for Santa to come, wondering where he is and trying to stay up all night to catch a glimpse of him.

Well, you can now do all of that thanks to the Santa Tracker application made by Google. Even last year, the application registered a very big success among both kids and adults. But this year it exceeds expectations as it comes with some new great features.

First of all, you can download the tracker from the Santa Tracker website or from the Play Store if you’re using a mobile device that operates an Android system. The app is free of charge and can be downloaded by anyone looking for some Christmas fun.

Being a downloadable application, the Santa Tracker also works on Android TV devices, so pretty much anyone who uses an Android device can use the app. Compared to the website and application of last year, this one comes with a more stylish user interface. However, the website is still running so you can enjoy the Santa Tracker on you PC as well. Besides last year’s features, the app has become even more interesting by introducing some new ones such as a ‘daily activity’. For example, you can color different ornaments in the Christmas tree just the way you like it.

Another new great feature of the Santa Tracker is the North Pole Airport game. You can spot elves in jetpacks and even a slightly different version of Flappy Bird. But the Santa Tracker is not just for fun. You can learn about holiday traditions around the world and it’s a great way for your little one to learn through play about different cultures. For the coding fans you can even have access to a code lab where you can learn more about different coding projects from Google. If by any chance you have a Google Cardboard unit the app also allows you to take part in a brand new VR activity.

All in all, for the ones looking to have a little Christmas fun before Christmas or simply trying to keep their kids busy, the Santa Tracker for Google might be a great choice.

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