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Google's TrueView Helps Marketers Promote Products in YouTube Ads • Mirror Daily

Fresh from under the press, Google’s latest feature will probably make you turn off your AdBlock for YouTube. The tech company announced today a new “venue” for your shopping experience opening in the product listing ads you can see next to the YouTube videos.

The new feature, dubbed as TrueView, is designed to give advertisers full control over how their ads on YouTube look like. Marketers are invited to become hands-on with details of the product, images and calls to shopping.

No matter what it is that you’re advertising, be it a video reviewing a product, a how-to instructional video on using a product, or even a top 5 list of the best items in a specific product category – Google is allowing you to take decisions on how to show the right ads at the right time.

All this for one purpose: to get the user to click on the ad and buy the product right then and there.

Moreover, Google’s TrueView will offer marketers better data on user experience by narrowing down the exact moment a video ad convinced the viewer to become a customer.

Do you want to know if it’s the call to action at the end that sealed the deal? Or maybe they made up their mind right off the bat at the beginning of the video – with TrueView, there is no more wondering.

Google released a statement saying that TrueView comes as a tool designed to help both users and advertisers; it makes it easier for users to get their hands on more information on the products they see advertised and easier to buy them; and marketers stand a better chance of making their ads relevant to the public.

In this mobile era – 50 percent of YouTube’s total views are accessed from mobile devices – Google did not even think twice before making sure that the new ads are in a perfect state of functionality on all kinds of devices.

Google has also integrated Google Merchant Center into video ads in order to create the best matches between ads and YouTube videos. There is only one thing marketers need to do in order to make the best of TrueView for shopping: to connect their ad campaigns to a Merchant Center feed, and let it do its job of adding products to their in-stream videos.

YouTube ads are personalized for users based on interests, search results, location and demographic info. The TrueView feature is set to rollout sometime in the next few months.
Image Source: think with Google

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