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Google's YouTube Introduces Music Key to Spruce up Mobile Usage • Mirror Daily

Google is determined to increase its presence among mobile users through its recent app Music Key.

According to Susan Wojcicki’s recent declaration during a conference in Aspen, Colorado, Google’s YouTube introduces Music Key to spruce up mobile usage. The app is expected to provide support to Google’s mobile users as the YouTube’s leader believes mobile devices represent the future of the online streaming platform.

Google is doing very well, in spite of recent rumors suggesting that the company has been outrun by Facebook and Apple. Leader Susan Wojcicki made this declaration to reassure customers and partners that the company is still registering growth, although the competition is rather strong.

According to Wojcicki, YouTube has a reliable base of users that accounts for billions of video lovers. This base is getting larger and larger, if we were to judge from the 50 percent growth that YouTube is registering each year.

Facebook’s decision to enter the video streaming business is not alarming the YouTube’s leader. On the contrary, Wojcicki believes there is significant difference between the service that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is offering and the video options that YouTube puts forth. In her opinion, YouTube users are more attached to the videos they watch, they get actively involved in the process by searching and clicking videos.

Facebook, on the other hand, is an auto player, which means users are not free to interact with the videos they watch. They can’t leave messages, like or comment on a specific video, as YouTube allows users to do.

Susan Wojcicki understands the recent interest that social networks display towards video sharing websites. She believes many more companies will enter this domain because it is a huge market that it is worth investing in, particularly since young generations are drawn to it.

Google is also interested in making investments in the YouTube platform. For that matter, the company will provide mobile support to users because many customers have replaced the traditional PC with smart devices. Great part of YouTube’s views comes from mobile units; hence, the growing need to develop this field.

The first attempt in this sense was made last year when Google introduced Music Key, a mobile service for YouTube. The beta version of the app was available in exchange for $8, but the official version, which will be launched later this year will cost $10 a month.

Music Key has been provided with many tools that allow YouTube users to view their favorite videos, while performing other tasks on their smartphones. The app lets customers play ad-free videos, hear music offline and play videos in the background.

Unlike Apple and Spotify, YouTube’s Music Key was designed to meet users’ need of watching their favorite artists perform in music videos.

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