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Gorilla Kumbuka Escapes from London Zoo • Mirror Daily

Gorilla Kumbuka is a seven-foot tall gorilla male.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Gorilla Kumbuka escaped from a London zoo in the afternoon of October 12. The seven-foot tall gorilla male was captured one and a half hour later, to the relief of visitors. Both zookeepers and police officers were in charge of tranquilizing the wild animal and taking him back to his enclosure.

People who were visiting the zoo at the time reported that gorilla Kumbuka was nervous. The large primate enraged out of a sudden and displayed quite a show in front of those who were watching him through the glass window of his enclosure. Witnesses remember that the silverback gorilla looked as if he was trying to break the glass.

The moment the gorilla Kumbuka escaped, a  loud alarm set off. As the animal run across the zoo, people were scared, trying to find shelter. On the other hand, authorities were also in altered and intervened in due time.

Some of the people who were already in the indoors buildings of the zoo didn’t even know what happened at first. The radio and social media posts kept them updated as authorities were trying to restore order outside.

The incident at the London zoo also drew the attention of specialists. Professor Phyllis Lee is a primates expert, and she is highly concerned about the situation of gorilla Kumbuka. She thinks that the behavior of the animal can only be explained by the fact that the male is not comfortable at the zoo. This is why she suggests that the gorilla should be relocated, perhaps sent to a special park in another country.

Specialists account for other cases of captive animals that resorted to aggressive behavior. According to expert Lee, the reasons are all the same with these cases. She believes that something scares or threatens the animals and it drives them to act desperately.

Researchers explain that gorillas are highly intelligent animals and they can turn out to be quite inventive when it comes to their freedom. As far as the case of gorilla Kumbuka is concerned, specialist Lee believes that he was not pleased with the gorilla community at the London zoo.

Gorilla males are born leaders. They enjoy being part of large, different groups. They also enjoy their freedom and are quite territorial. Professor Lee believes that the attempt of escaping the zoo clearly points out that the animal needs a different environment.

Image courtesy of: Wikipedia

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