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GTA 6 Might Star a Female Lead • Mirror Daily

While there are female characters in GTA Online, the games seriously lacks a leading woman.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the latest rumors in the gaming industry, GTA 6 might star a female lead. The news comes after a lot of the player complained about the lack of female lead characters in the other five installments of the GTA franchise.

While there are several choices of female avatars in the online version of the game, the main story seriously lacks some feminine presence.

Rockstar, the developing company of the GTA franchise is painting an intriguing picture of the sixth installment of their third person open shooter action video game.

There have been times when Dan Houser, the co-creator of the franchise, declared that a female lead character would not be a right idea because of the violent character of the game. But in his latest statements, he did confirm that he would be up to challenge of giving GTA a fresh lead character look. Perhaps something more feminine, if he catches our drift.

According to his latest statement, they want to find the right game for a leading female main character. We don’t know exactly what “the right game” means, but more and more clues point to GTA 6 as being the game that will bring more gender diversity to the main characters of the story.

The latest talks on the specialized forums point to Eva Mendez as the lead female character players have been waiting for the past five installments. The actress has not made any official comments, but in the case in which the rumors are true, the actress would be a perfect fit in the GTA scenarios.

And since we’re on the subject of rumored voice actors, the street talk is that Ryan Gosling will be the new voice addition. None of this information was confirmed by either Rockstar or the actors around which the rumors revolve.

The last piece of important unconfirmed information that has been floating around the internet is the fact that GTA 6 will feature a teleportation option for the players. The developers were not happy about the idea until now because it made the game look a lot less real. But the GTA universe is ever growing and players want to get from A to B in less time.

Summarizing all of the unconfirmed scuttlebutt, GTA 6 might star a female lead voiced by Eva Mendez, Ryan Gosling could join the other voice actors and the game might also feature a teleportation option. All of this sounds good, and there are only three more years until we find out if any of them are true.

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