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GTA V PC Mod Will Make You Feel Like You're There

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – A new GTA V PC mod will make you feel like you’re there and will allow you to experience Los Santos on a whole other level. It’s not uncommon for modders of popular games to come up with incredibly realistic tweaks. Take for example ‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ as one of the peak examples of the practice.

However, this one arrives for a target much closer to our current time, in the form of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, which has been deemed as one of the most popular games of our generation. By the end of this year, it will likely rank very high along with ‘The Witcher 3’, ‘Mortal Kombat X’, and ‘Fallout 4’. Until then though, new mods have been added.

This isn’t the first one, but it’s certainly one of the most comprehensive and incredibly made so far. And there’s little that can be imagined better.

Modder and fan of the game, Josh Romito, presented ‘The Pinnacle of V’ mod for the latest installment of the GTA franchise. And it’s precisely what the name implies, an incredible overhaul of the game in terms of not just stunning visuals, but realistic gameplay and dynamics. Romito’s goal appears to have been achieved, by giving fans the epitome of why GTA V is a spectacular videogame that should not be missed.

The improvements that will be impacting at first are the exquisite graphics. The shadows, lights, reflections, and smoke or fire particles have been polished to perfection. They beautifully reflect a more realistic visual of the game with near impeccable precision. For a videogame, it looks like an incredible aspect to experience based on the screencaptures released by Romito.

However, the graphics are not the only thing that has seen to vast improvement. According to the modder “literally every aspect of the game has been tweaked, adjusted, and fined tuned” with the target of a more realistic experience. Relationship dynamics have been improved, with pedestrians, police, gangs, and even animals.

Furthermore, the cities will now be given a population depending on the area and time of day. This means that players will actually experience rush hours, and incessant traffic during peak times. It may not be a pleasant aspect in reality, but it’s truly part of our every day lives. The game will effectively reflect it.

Romito has improved vehicle handling to be more realistic, along with numerous weapon enhances, be it on real-life recoil and sounds. It’s certainly the most wonderful, comprehensive, and visually stunning mod released to date of an already excellent game.

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