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Gun Violence Must Be Tackled • Mirror Daily

Gun Violence has to drop off.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Authorities and health officials decided to take active measures against gun violence which has become a public health issue over the past few decades.

Healthcare workers and doctors are concerned because this problem has taken its toll on many people. Based on the statistics, 60,000 injuries are reported every year and more than 30,000 gun-related deaths.

Doctors have made an interesting association between cancer and gun violence. If you are exposed for a prolonged period to a carcinogen, you are more likely to develop cancer, whereas a higher exposure to guns also increases the risks of getting injured, or even killed by one.

It is not a surprise that doctors have taken the initiative and became more politically active. Most of them believe that gun violence must be prevented by new laws in order to increase the safety of American citizens.

The American Medical Association previously warned authorities and health officials that gun violence had become a public health problem that needs to be taken care of. New regulations will prevent more people from getting injured or die from fatal wounds.

Many medical groups stressed that the decisions taken by politicians have severe consequences on the American population.

That is why these groups decided to raise awareness regarding this growing problem which is similar to an epidemic that has spread throughout the United States, mentally and physically affecting innocent people.

Doctors believe that this political initiative is the best treatment for this situation because they have the duty of providing the health of the United States population. In other words, the emergency room will be a symbol of a federal court where doctors do their best to prevent gun violence from spreading further.

The American Nursing Association has also issued a call for nurses to bring their contribution to this initiative. New regulations will assure the safety of many people. After analyzing the statistics from 2016, experts have accounted 6,500 gun-related deaths, and there are five months left until the end of the year.

Such numbers underline the fact that the United States is in a dire of gun control policies. All these deaths come from domestic violence, altercations among acquaintances, suicides, and accidental shootings.

For instance, Tennessee is the 9th state in the country where there are the most accidental shootings. Also, it is ranked 6th with most women murdered by men, whereas 600 Tennessee citizens commit suicide with a gun every year.

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