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Hackers Add more Games to the Nintendo NES Classic Library • Mirror Daily

Hackers have announced that they were able to run Sega and Game Boy games on a rooted Nintendo NES Classic.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Remember when Nintendo NES Classic made its grand stage debut back in November? If so, then you will surely remember that after just one month, a couple of hackers announced via a Reddit post that they were able to unlock the console and install a light version of Ubuntu which allows players to extend the console’s gaming library.

Well, it would seem that the guy and girls are hard at work, and, recently, they have announced that Nintendo NES Classic owners will soon be able to play games that weren’t even designed to run on Nintendo.

Thus, the new and improved version of the unlock Nintendo NES Classic will be able to accommodate games from Sega Genesis and even Game Boy, as well as those from SNES. How was this all possible, you ask? With the help of a little software called RetroArch, which magically transforms the miniature console into a dream gaming laboratory.

According to the Reddit posts uploaded by Madmonkey, the first step into unlocking the console’s full potential was to bypass the device’s safeguards and to install a more accommodating operating system. After this step, enriching the console’s game library is as easy as the proverbial pie.

In a similar Reddit post, a hacker who goes by the name of Soulctcher declared that he was successful in installing and running the RetroArch program on a rooted Nintendo NES Classic console. Now, as we understand, the software actually fools the console into thinking that every game installed on the console is compatible with it.

As cool as the perspective of playing Sega and Game Boy games of a Nintendo NES Classic console, do keep in mind that this is an under the counter activity and, in the event that something bad happens, you will end up with an over-glorified paperweight.

This means that if you choose to install RetroArch on your console, you might brick it. Although some online publications say that the process is fairly easing and that the bricking risk is minimal, our advice to you is to refrain from making any software modifications if you lack the necessary experience.

It’s more preferable to get stuck playing 30 games on a working console than to have another dust-collecting trinket in your living room.

Although there are many tutorials on the Internet which offer insight regarding the software’s installation, we will refrain from providing any links.

Image source: Nintendo

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