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Hackers Take Control over Tesla S Model Due to Security Flaws • Mirror Daily

Car software is just as vulnerable to hackers’ attacks as PC software.

In an unusual experiment, two hackers take control over Tesla S model due to security flaws. The tests were meant to prove vehicle makers that car software can be hacked into just as easy as computer software. For that matter, they have urged auto makers to secure their cars by preventing any security breaches.

Def Con hackers’ conference is just one week away, which is why Kevin Mahaffey from Lookout and Marc Rogers, the main security researcher at Cloudflare have made an interesting experiment to show that cars’ computers must be improved. Getting their inspiration from previous experiments on Chrysler models, the two engineers have broken into the software of the vehicles and created special bugs, which enabled them to gain further control over the autos.

Once inside the car’s system the two hackers have sent signals to the Tesla headquarters and eventually convinced them that their laptop was the car asking permission to access their official data. Tesla headquarters have granted access to their database and, thus Mahaffey and Rogers were able to command the car to get involved in all sorts of activities.

Since these two engineers were not real hackers, they did not program the car to carry out dangerous tasks. They simply made it to drive slowly through the parking lot and commanded the stereo to play Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. Tesla S was brought to a sudden halt with just the press of a button, when the two researchers have proved their point.

The news that the Tesla S Model could be broken into is definitely not good for car owners. However, Mahaffey and Rogers plan to share their most recent findings during the upcoming Def Con event; thus, enabling Tesla developers to improve their system.

The company, on the other hand, has vowed to remedy the situation as soon as they find the best solution for the system flaws. Based on their official declaration, the software of the car can be upgraded much like computer operating systems; therefore, it won’t be a problem to repair these system bugs.

According to the two researchers, car makers should separate driving related options from system features, so hacker won’t have access to the whole car if they manage to break into the system. In addition, every car component should be protected through rigorous security options to avoid system breaches, the two have concluded.

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