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Hacking Team CEO Blames Governmental Involvement For Recent Data Breach – Mirror Daily

Hacking Team, the Italian cyber-security firm that has been recently in the news for a massive data breach, is now putting the blame on the shoulders on governmental forces and warns that criminals might now find it extremely easily to use its software codes in other attacks.

Hackers who are yet to be identified have leaked in a torrent file approximately 400GB of data from the company’s servers, revealing the controversial connections it has with several governments. Hacking Team sells surveillance software that many intelligence and law enforcement agencies use to keep tabs on the phones and computers of suspects.

Many documents have since been uploaded on Wikileaks, as the public could skim through several thousands of private corporate emails. During the same data breach, the company’s source codes for many of its top secret programs have also been made public online.

Even though he offered no further details, David Vincenzetti, Hacking Team’s CEO, gave a statement on Sunday saying that the attack must have been carried out at a government level, considering the complexity and the resources it needed.

Clients of the company have been advised not to use its software until the compromised programs can be updated and made secure again. Although only some of the services have been targeted, Hacking Team representatives warn that all computer systems might have been messed with.

A company’s statement posted on its official website revealed that Hacking Team is conducting an investigation on the attack, which so far proves that hackers have leaked enough code as to allow anyone to use the software as a weapon against any chosen target.

Having a bit of know-how in technical ability might enable extortionists, terrorists, and other ill-willed people to use this technology for their own purposes. The irony is that the company’s website still promotes its products as being able to offer complete control for target surveilling.

Leaked emails revealed that Hacking Team has worked with many governmental institutions in various countries, such as Australia, Italy, and – of course – the United States. The company has been called out before for its dealings with countries who abuse the human rights of its population, including Libya, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

After keeping silent for almost a week after the attack was made public, Vincenzetti went on record defending his choice of clients; he said his connections are legal, as no international trade laws were ever broken in the partnerships he’s been involved.
Image Source: Motherboard

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