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The position of the neck in beauty parlor chairs is often wrong and can cause health damage.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Beauty has a price, and sometimes it turns out it is rather steep. From all the health hazards in the world, a woman experienced a stroke after visiting the salon to get her hair washed and styled.

Elizabeth Smith decided to treat herself to a salon visit two years ago. But she never realized for a second that her little trip to a San Diego beauty parlor will leave her terrified and awaiting the worse for the rest of her life.

Two weeks after Smith got her hair done, she started experiencing strange symptoms. The worse of all was when her head ached so hard that she became nauseous. The 48 years old woman was incapable of moving her legs, and the pounding noise in her head was only growing bigger.

It was only after she got rushed to the hospital that the woman was informed that she suffered a stroke. On one hand she was lucky because strokes are often fatal, or they can cause permanent damage more severe than what Smith is experiencing at the present moment.

After being admitted and treated, the doctors started looking at her history, trying to figure out what triggered the blood clot to form. It was only after she mentioned her visit to the San Diego salon that the doctors figured out what happened to her.

The “Beauty Parlor Syndrome” as they call it is a real disorder. The primary cause is the chair that hair stylists use to wash their clients’ hair. Because of the inclined angle of the special chair designed for hair washing, some customers who are shorter in stature or who suffer from arthritis can temporarily block their blood flow to the brain when standing in the awkward position.

When Smith’s neck was hyperextended by the salon worker that washed her hair, one of her vertebras sliced through her artery. This led to the formation of a clot that during the two weeks in which Smith was feeling fine traveled to her brain. When it got there, it triggered the stroke that almost ended her life.

Because the 48 years old woman experienced a stroke after visiting the salon, she is now suing the San Diego establishment. She is accusing them of negligence and asking the owner to cover her $250,000 medical bills.

Two years after the terrible incident occurred, Smith is still experiencing problems with her vision, strength and balance. The worst part is that the clot is still in her brain, and it could end her life any day.

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