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Halloween, the Biggest Food Poisoning Hazard for Pets • Mirror Daily

Pets are at the highest risk of food poisoning during Halloween

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Halloween is approaching, and everybody is getting ready to enjoy tons of sweets and goodies and to make their homes looking as spooky as possible. However, if you have pets, you have to take a close look on them during the holiday. Leaving them unsupervised might leave you with an unpleasant surprise, as they might become victims of food poisoning.

Halloween is a health hazard for pets, as this is the time of the year when they have 32 percent more chances to suffer food poisoning. The house is full of sweet treats, so this is understandable, but these are not the only ones which might put our friends in danger.

First of all, be extremely careful where you leave chocolate. The treat contains theobromine, a substance which is extremely toxic for pets. However, the degree of toxicity varies according to the chocolate type, the quantity eaten by the dog, and the weight of the dog itself.

Pets can easily suffer food poisoning if they are unsupervised

In case you suspect your pet to have eaten chocolate, look out for a series of symptoms. These include diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, restlessness, extreme thirst, but it might even cause seizures and, in the most extreme cases, death. Do not hesitate and take your pet to the vet as soon as you spot one of these symptoms.

Chocolate must be the main cause of food poisoning for pets, but there are other treats you should avoid as well. Grapes, nuts, and raisins are almost as risky, so make sure you don’t leave them in a place your friend can easily reach. Also, most importantly, keep alcohol away from them.

Non-food items might also be a hazard for your pet. If you want to dress the animal up, make sure it doesn’t ingest any parts of the costume. The same applies for small decorations spread around the house. Halloween is a fun holiday, so it would be a pity to spoil it by leaving your beloved furry friend unsupervised and vulnerable to food poisoning.
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