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Hand-on Vast Survival (Multiplayer) • Mirror Daily

Vast Survival supports up to 25 players and is compatible for Android and iOS.

Open world survival games are, without a doubt, quite entertaining since they allow you to pool resources with one or more friends or to compete against them. Some of the more interesting titles which pop into mind are Do Not Starve Together, a whimsical multiplayer open world survival game, and of course Minecraft.

Recently, a new type of survival game has appeared on Google’s Play Store. It’s called Vast Survival Ho(Multiplayer), and it can be played on Android and iOS devices.

The goal of Vast Survival is straightforward – survive. According to the game’s developers, Vast Survival features over 100 square kilometers of open terrain, ranging from heavily wooded areas to vast plains and mountains.

In order to complete the goal, you, the player, must perform various actions such as hunting, scavenging for supplies, building shelter, constructing gizmos, and, of course, killing other players. The game becomes even more interesting as it can support over 25 players at the same time.

However, before downloading the game, there are a few things we should mention. First of all, the game is still under testing, and according to the developers, it still has some major bugs and performance issues.

Another thing to keep in mind it that the game may unexpectedly crash without saving your progress. Finally, there are weapons available in the game, but it will be hard to find them or to construct them.

Vast Survival’s developers said that the game is still in the touch-and-go phase, but they are working as fast as they can in order to release the final version.

One thing that differentiates Vast Survival from other open world mobile survival games is that it was made by only two people, which is great considering the catchy 3D graphics and the map’s length.

Vast Survival is available for download in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s online store. So, if you’re fresh out of ideas on what you want to play next, we recommend you try Vast Survival.

It may not be as polished as other open world survival games, but it’s still packed with countless of goodies, and it will no doubt offer you a chance to prove that you have what it takes to survive in the wild.

Vast Survival can be played from either the first or the third perspective, and the game allows you to customize your character as you see fit.

Image source: Google Play

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