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Hannah Quin •

Hannah’s design is listed in the “grades 8-9” category along other 9 entries.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The “Doodle 4 Google” jury has reached North Dakota on Friday. After looking at all of the doodles that entered the competition, Google’s Amy Davis and Kathy Casey decided that the North Dakota Doodle representative is a Red River student, Hannah Quin.

Hannah Quin will battle 10 more students from her age group and 52 more students worldwide. The best five doodles will be chosen by the vote of the public on the 22nd of February. The big winner will be announced by Google on the 21st of March.

The winning doodle will receive a college scholarship grant of $30,000 and an additional $50,000 for the school from which the winning doodler came. The award goes to the school so that it could extend its technological program and science laboratory. All of the schools of the selected children received an interactive whiteboard from Google.

The North Dakota Doodle representative is a Red River student. Hannah Quin chose to reinterpret the famous Google logo by cleverly aligning some antique objects such as a gramophone, an old telephone, a bottle of perfume and a pocket watch.

The theme of this year’s “Doodle 4 Google” competition was “What makes me … me”. And the unique choice that Hannah made, using antique objects rather than what concerns young people these days, really stood out to the two members of the jury.

The children were given the assignment during art class so they handed over their designs and forgot about the competition. They were clueless as to why they were summoned to the school’s theater and obligated to listen to a woman talk about Google services.

But after a short presentation of the company and the most important projects that they are working on, Kathy Casey announced the real reason that they were there for. As she called Hannah up to stage the crowd went wild and started o applaud.

As the girl was heading towards the stage, a life-sized model of her sketch was unveiled. Hannah then declared that she had no expectations to win because she actually had fun doodling the winning sketch.

She explained that she chose to reinterpret the world-famous Google logo with antiques because of the history that the objects inspire. And she made them really colorful because you don’t really need a reason to color things.

Hannah’s doodle will join other 52 original designs that will battle for the chance of being on Google’s homepage for a day. The site is used by millions of users in a single day, so that is a tremendous amount of exposure.

You can vote Hannah’s very unique doodle, or browse the entire selection of participant from here.

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