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Harley-Davidson Museum Opens

H.O.G. members get VIP access

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Although Harley-Davidson Inc. is not doing so well in the financial sector,  Harley-Davidson Museum opens and offers free entrance for all H.O.G.s.

The Harley-Davidson bikes are probably the most popular in the world, even among people who are not bikers. It suffices to ask them if they know a motorcycle brand. The first answer will definitely be “Harley-Davidson”.

The free pass for HOGs is not a one-time thing as the members of the Harley Owners Group will have unlimited access to the museum for ever. The VIP access is translated into admission to exclusive programs and different benefits at the museum and also online.

The Harley Museum is in Milwaukee and the company looks to creating the best meeting place for H.O.G. members. They are trying to transform the museum into a place where Harley owners feel at home. The entire history of Harley-Davidson is on display for everyone, and especially for riders to enjoy.

The museum is open 363 days per year and besides visiting and exploring the bikes’ history and meeting with other Harley lovers, you can also participate at monthly Bike Nights or the Weekend of Wild Ones. You can spend there an entire day if you’d like as there are retails stores and restaurants. You can also experience some of the museum’s features online through their official website.

The Harley Owners Group is the largest rider club in the world with a number of almost one million members. If you’re not a member and you’re wondering whether it’s worth being a ‘Hog’ or not, here are some of the benefits you could have: you can have exclusive access to the HOG magazine, you can receive roadside assistance, go to riding events or rallies as well as many other experiences which can make you motorcycling experience a lot better.

Harley-Davidson, Inc. is the head of a group of companies such as the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and the Harley-Davidson Financial Services. As the names of the companies suggest, they operate in the motorcycling and in the financial business segments. The Motor Company designs and manufactures Harley-Davidson motorbikes as well as motorcycle parts and accessories. The Financial Services company, which might be less known to some, provides insurance for Harley-Davidson motor-products mainly in the U.S. and Canada.

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