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Harold Henthorn to Face Life Sentence for First-Degree Murders • Mirror Daily

Harold, on the left, and his second wife, Toni, on the right.

Attorneys expect Harold Henthorn to face life sentence for first-degree murders, but the trial still continues due to the large amounts of evidence. There is little that the man can do to turn the tables in his favor as all evidence show he is guilty.

In a murder case that appears to have been inspired from a 80s movie, a 59-year-old man in Colorado is now being trialed for killing his two wives. Harold Henthorn first made a display of his criminal traits in 1995 when he killed his first wife, Sandra Lynn.

The murder was only recently discovered when Harold killed his second wife and tried to pretend she lost her life in a similarly strange incident. According to sources, Sandra Lynn lost her life during a trip on the Rocky Mountain. She accidently slid under the car and got run over by it as Harold was changing the tire.

Lynn’s family stated the man did not even appear to be disturbed by the wife’s death. He announced everyone that Sandra passed away and hurried to cremate her to delete all possible evidence. The ashes were scattered on the Red Mountain and the case was closed as no one managed to prove that the man was guilty.

The 1995 case was re-opened in 2012 when Harold raised new suspicions. The man announced authorities that his second wife, Toni fell off the cliff during a recent mountain trip. Police officers were not convinced, especially since the incident was just as strange as his first wife’s death.

During his official declaration the Colorado man stated that he and his wife decided to make a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoy some moments on their own. They stopped multiple times along the trail to take pictures. At a certain point Toni grew to closer to the edge; she lost her balance and fell off the cliff.

Harold told investigators he tried to rescue his wife. He told them he had performed CPR on her, but he could not revive her. The evidence shows the man lied about the CPR maneuvers; the woman’s lipstick was intact and her body showed no sign of cardiopulmonary massage. In addition, the man had previously marked the place of the accident with a red cross on his map.

The motifs behind the two horrendous murders are not missing. Investigators think the man killed his first and his second wife to get the life insurance payouts. The man cashed in $500,000 and $4.7 million from the first wife’s and the second wife’s death, respectively.

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