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Headsets for IMAX VR centers • Mirror Daily

IMAX VR Centers prepare to give you one of the best experiences ever.

(Mirror Daily, United States) When was the last time you saw a 3D movie? When was the last time you enjoyed a movie at the movie theater? Forget all about that, as soon you will have new thrilling experiences due to virtual reality headsets which are on their way to one of United States’ IMAX VR centers.

For the moment, there is only one IMAX VR center which awaits its headsets order, and it is located in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, officials announced that at least five more centers would be inaugurated by the end of the year, all of them equipped with the new headsets.

The new headsets are the result of a collaboration between two big companies, Acer and Starbreeze. They started the project earlier this year but now have recently announced they sold the device to the IMAX VR center.

The new device is called Star VR, and it is ready to take over IMAX VR centers. This new headset seems the best of its kind, as it displays a field of vision of 210 degrees, which is one hundred degrees more than other similar devices.  Star VR use 2560×1440 QuadHD resolution, which means that users will enjoy a 5K VR experience.

TechAdvisor reports on other features of the Star VR headsets:

“In terms of tracking, the StarVR headset features real-time six degrees of freedom, 360 degree submillimetre optical tracking and IMU and optical sensor fusion for a low-latency experience. The latest model, StarVR 1.4, features a lighter design at 380g, optimized lenses for better vertical field of view, a removable face interface, a new head mounting system and optical optimization across hardware and software.”

Except for the Star VR headsets, there are other similar devices like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The latter can also be used in people’s homes, not only in specialized centers.

Officials announced that apart from the Los Angeles center, the devices will be available in IMAX VR centers in other big cities around the world, like New York, London, and Shanghai.

Although the news of the arrival of the high-quality Star VR headsets to Los Angeles’ IMAX center has been made public, there is another issue which hasn’t been released yet. The price of the ticket to such a promising virtual reality experience remains unknown. We can only hope it is affordable, as there must be many people eager to try the new headsets.

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