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Health Specialists Discuss Fitness Trackers and Efficiency • Mirror Daily

Researchers used Fitbit fitness trackers for their experiments

(Mirror Daily, United States) People are aware of the doctor’s recommendation of a healthy diet and regular exercise. As far as the latter is concerned, they often choose fitness trackers to help them with their process. However, health specialists say that there are not as many advantages as you might think about fitness trackers.

A new study conducted by experts shows that fitness trackers don’t help you much when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. There are no long term effects, as the devices only help you keep track of your progress.

Previous studies on the efficiency of activity trackers were concerned with immediate effects. This is why there are reviews which highlight the good results of these devices, as opposed to this new study. The current research investigates the long term effects.

Researchers in charge of the new review relied on the help of volunteers for their study. Approximately eight hundred people were involved in the research. They were monitored for a year. Some of them didn’t use tech devices to help them keep track of their physical activity process.

The participants in the study were all aged twenty to sixty-five. Most of them had jobs at the office, which are known to enhance sedentary lifestyle. The researchers decided to divide the participants into four groups and observe the results.

Three of the groups received a fitness tracker that they had to wear on a daily basis. However, one of the groups received twenty-two dollars at the end of each week if they had a record of more than fifty thousand steps. There was another group that received money, but they had to give it away to charity.

As far as the other two groups are concerned, one of them received only the tracker, while the other didn’t receive anything at all.

The experiment showed little efficiency in half a year. Only the people who received and kept the money were encouraged to walk more. However, the walking didn’t improve their health status. All the groups had similar blood pressure levels, and no considerable weight loss was reported.

Moreover, at the end of the experiment, approximately ninety percent of the volunteers admitted to having given up the fitness trackers. Researchers used Fitbit devices for their study.

Companies which design fitness trackers think about two benefits for clients. They combine the excitement of a new tech device with potential health advantages for users.

The new study on the efficiency of fitness trackers was published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

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