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Healthy Puppies Found Trapped inside Coffin • Mirror Daily

Miami-Dade Firefighters managed to rescue three healthy puppies trapped inside a coffin.

Cemeteries are daunting places which so painfully remind us of how fragile life is. Nothing about a cemetery hints to joy or happiness, hence the expression to be as cheerful as a cemetery.

But it would seem that, however, desolate these places can be, there are sometimes events which make them a little bit cheery. Such an event occurred at the beginning of this week at a cemetery located in Miami.

Alerted by strange, growling-like sounds, coming from a cement box, a Miami citizen alerted the authorities. The police officers and firefighters who arrived at the scene thought that maybe someone got trapped beneath the ash-grey cement box, which is normally used to store coffins.

Try as the might to find another source of the sound, the officers and firefighters could not. It seemed that the noise did indeed come from underneath the cement box.

Using power tools, the firefighters aided by several law enforcement officers managed to break open the cement slab covering the coffin box. After removing the cement debris, the firefighters discovered three puppies, sticking their heads out of a coffin.

However, the operation did not end here. The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Crews had to dig around for some time, using their tools and hands, before they were able to free the three puppies from the coffin.

After getting them out of the cold and uninviting cement box, the firefighters assessed their state of health. According to their statements, the three puppies found inside the coffin were in great health and well-fed.

Considering their physical condition, the rescue crew believes that the puppies were not alone in the cemetery and that their mother is nearby. After delivering the three healthy and happy puppies to the local Redland Rockpit Abandoned Dogs Project settlement, the rescuers returned to find the stray mother, in order to reunite her with the puppies.

Sadly, by the time the rescuers came back, there was no trace of the mother. However, as they declared, they’re not abandoning their search just yet.

Meanwhile, the firefighters are still trying to figure out how the puppies got into one of the coffins placed inside the concrete box, considering that it took ample effort on their behalf in order to get the puppies out.

Image source: Wikipedia

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