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Hear Siri's Bold Response to Silly Math Question • Mirror Daily

Siri is helpful most of the times, but she can get really sassy when users ridicule her.

Due to the new experiments that tech savvies have made, now you can hear Siri’s bold response to silly math question. The software program is very loved by iPhone users not only for its correct responses, but also for the sassy answers she gives back whenever ridiculed.

Siri may sometimes act like the geekiest computer program ever, but the voice service can be tough, too. Developers have foreseen users’ mockery and they have provided Siri with the right answers right from the very first moment it was introduced on the market.

It took users a couple of months after they have finally ceased to repeatedly test Siri’s abilities with annoying questions. Yet, this practice is now back in users’ attention after a silly question math triggered one of the sassiest responses from Siri.

Probably deriving her mocking style from her inventor, Apple’s late CEO, Steve Cook, Siri told users they have no friends when they asked her how much was zero divided by zero. Based on the videos that have been frantically uploaded ever since the first rumors had it that Siri can be sassy, too, the iPhone customer asked the voice program how much was zero divided by zero. To that, the program simply replied “And you are sad that you have no friends”.

There are, however, many more possibilities when it comes to Siri’s creativity. The program might also bore users to death with her detailed description of the math operation.

On the other hand, the service can portray the operation by telling customers to imagine that they have zero cookies that they divide to their non-existent friends.

This isn’t the first sassy observation that Siri has made; the Internet is filled with many tops and classifications inspired by the answers provided by the computer program. The most appreciated ones are those lines stemming from famous American movies.

Take, for instance, the question ‘what is the meaning of life?’ The program will only resume itself to saying ‘42’, the well-known line from the movie “A Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

The same ironic response is obtained when users try to talk Siri into saying that other voice programs from competing companies are better. The female voice either fakes laugh or it replies that it has no idea what those programs are.

However, there has been a case when Apple’s Siri answered Nokia’s Lumia 900 when asked to name the best smartphone on the market. Developers have fixed this issue and now the program ridicules the interlocutor by saying that she was not aware there were other phones available.

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