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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Cheap Games In Halloween Sale • Mirror Daily

Steam’s Halloween sale cuts the prices off some really good ones

(Mirror Daily, United States) A big announcement was made today – hear ye! Hear ye! Cheap games in Halloween sale- that Steam is selling a lot of their games at smaller price during the week-end, up until November second.

Fans will be pleased to find out that a lot of big names are to be found in this sale, including Grand Theft Auto V. This one will see 33 per cent taken off its normal marketing value, which is $59.99.

Other names in the sale include: Resident Evil 5, 66 per cent off, Resident Evil 6, the newer one in the series, 75 per cent off, Killing Floor 2 – discounted only by 33 per cent, just like GTA. The Bioshock games, though, take a massive plunge in prices: the first two games are off by 80 per cent and Bioshock  Infinite is reduced by 75 per cent, which means you can buy this game for only  $7.49.

Next on the list is Soma, a science-fiction game from Frictional Games, which will only be reduced by 15 per cent. Dying Light  and  Binding of Isaac are on the discounted list as well, luckily for everybody. ARK: Survival Evolved, which recently got an update for Halloween and yes, it’s the update with the zombie dinosaurs, will be off by 33 per cent. This game is currently in Early Access so a discount bigger than that is improbable.

As one might have noticed, this sale is all about Halloween themed games or horror-themed ones. So 30 per cent off will go to Witcher III: Wild Hunt, the Zombie Army Trilogy will also be very cheap, Left for Dead and its sequel come to about five dollars.

But there are non horror themed games for sale too this week-end, such as the already mentioned Grand Theft Auto, Broforce, a funny over-the-top 80s action games inspired from a run and gun movie, will be down by a third from its original price, Cities Skyline will be half off, the same as Pillars of Infinity.

But be careful though. The Steam sale is very short. It will only lasts until November 2nd and you should get moving if you want to catch the good ones still on shelf.

Also, you can start preparing by checking out the entire list of games on sale on the Steam official webpage, so that you know exactly what to put in your basket when the sale starts.

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