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Heart Attack Patients Can Still Enjoy Their Sexual Lives • Mirror Daily

German researchers have established that sexual activity is not dangerous for heart attack patients.

A new study published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology proves that heart attack patients can still enjoy their sexual lives. The study determines the extent to which sexual activity influences cardiac illnesses and whether the effects are benefic or not.

The current research conducted at the Ulm University in Germany was inspired by previous scientific works on cardiac patients. The latter claimed that people who had suffered a heart attack should not be allowed to have sexual intercourses until their condition is stabilized through the correct medication.

Researchers at Ulm University wanted to establish whether the past findings were correct or not. For this reason they have conducted an observational study on 536 cardiac patients. Respondents had to answer various questions related to their sexual activity. They were included in a rehabilitation program because they have all suffered an infarct prior to the experiment.

Participants were asked to describe their sexual activity before the myocardial infarction. Only 3 individuals had the heart attack after less than an hour from their last sexual intercourse. Their number accounted to .7% of the 438 respondents. Seven respondents confessed they had the heart attack three or five hours after the sexual intercourse.

Based on these figures, scientists have concluded that sex does not influence in any way the health condition of cardiac patients. They have continued to observe the evolution of the patients on a 10-year-period to see if they had suffered another heart attack.

The study has revealed that patients, who had frequent sexual relationships before the heart attack had fewer chances of getting another infarct again. These patients confessed they used to have one or two sexual intercourses per week, whereas patients with increased risks had less than one sexual intercourse per week.

German researchers were pleased with the findings of their new study because it has finally proven that sex is not very stressful for the heart. Yet, they think other factors have also influenced participants’ recovery; their satisfying sexual life could be a consequence of their healthier condition. The majority of these patients did not suffer from type 2 diabetes, they were younger and did not have blood-vessel blockages.

Researchers have concluded that sexual activity is not very difficult for cardiac patients, compared to other types of activities. They claim that a sexual intercourse should not be more tiresome than taking a brisk walk through the park.

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