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Heat Stroke Symptoms • Mirror Daily

These are the heat stroke symptoms.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Most people enjoy summer as they can have many recreational activities, but all of us have to be aware that spending too much time in the sun can cause us a heat stroke.

Sunscreen is no longer efficient when it comes to overheating. Prolonged exposure to the sun can increase the risk of heat syncope, heat rash, and heat exhaustion. Experts from the Mayo Clinic advise people who start experiencing heat stroke symptoms to have someone spray or sponge them with cool water, to take a bath or a shower, and to lie down with the feet elevated.

If these methods do not work, it means that it’s time for you to see a doctor. Also, people who have heat strokes must always have someone near them to make sure that they will receive help if they pass out.

There are a few main symptoms which show that the body is overheating. Experts underline that goosebumps and a tingling sensation in the skin are early signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. In this case, people should immediately go indoors to avoid other consequences.

One of the most common symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion are headaches. When you experience a heat-related headache, it means that you need to cool down your body fast. Overheat can also manifest through a sense of anxiety, confusion, fatigue, and weakness.

But if you start experiencing nausea then it is clear that you already suffer heat exhaustion, and if you start vomiting, it means that you are having a heat stroke, and you need medical assistance as soon as possible.

Another critical sign related to overheating is when you start experiencing a change in heart rate. This change can manifest in two ways, meaning that either your heart rate speeds up or it might do the opposite and slow down.

Heat exhaustion is related to a slower heart rate, whereas heat stroke is associated with a rapid heart rate. Most people usually do not take into consideration the fact that dizziness is dangerous. This symptom is a clear sign of heat exhaustion which will turn into heat stroke if you don’t cool down your body fast.

The last important sign of heat exhaustion or heat stroke is when people start sweating excessively or not at all. When you stop sweating, it means that your body is unable to cool itself down, and this is known as anhidrosis.

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