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Hillary Clinton Encourages Super-PACs • Mirror Daily

Political candidate Hillary Clinton encourages super-PACs, according to the recent declarations of the people who are familiar with the Democrat’s schedule.

Democratic candidates have openly expressed their position against other politicians, who are willing to support super political-action-committees in order to get financial sponsorship for their campaigns.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wants to break up with this tradition. She has, therefore, agreed to meet with several independent groups said to donate dollars for presidential campaigns.

The first meeting took place on Wednesday, during the Priorities USA Action super PAC. The Democratic candidate will also take part in a meeting in Los Angeles on Thursday, where Clinton is expected to discuss fundraising issues.

Presidential candidates are not allowed to resort to super PACs to raise money for their political campaigns. This does not mean that candidates cannot indirectly support these groups by taking part at their events.

Their simple appearance could trigger high amounts of financial resources for political campaigns.

Estimates have shown that Hillary Clinton could gain up to $200-300 million with the help of the Priorities USA Action, the most popular Democratic Super political-action-committee.

The same amount of money was raised by the Republicans in 2012 after they affiliated themselves with the American Crossroads Super-PAC.

Republicans have always relied on super-PACs for financial resources, whereas the Democrats have been more or less open to this strategy.

President Barack Obama refrained himself from backing super PACs in 2012 as he was not sure he could register the same success as his opponents.

Republicans aggressively used this fundraising vehicle in 2012 and managed to cover all their campaign costs.

Rumors that Hillary Clinton will meet the super-PAC members this Thursday have not yet been confirmed by the members of her campaign team.

Their only statement, so far, was that Clinton will do everything she can to support these groups and raise awareness on their behalf.

Campaign officials have explained that Hillary Clinton was forced to support super-PACs so she could gather the necessary resources to fight Republicans’ strategy.

Since the Koch brothers have pledged $1 billion for their 2016 campaign, the Democrats have to have sufficient resources to be able to fight back. “There is too much at stake for our future for Democrats to unilaterally disarm,” stated the Clinton’s campaign official.

The former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, has been actively involved in the past months to raise money for the super-PAC that his political allies have started. He is expected to raise up to $100 million by the end of June.
Image Source: Images Politico

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