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Hillary Clinton To Announce 2016 Presidential Campaigh Bid • Mirror Daily

Hillary Clinton is considering to launch her presidential bid on Sunday through a video message on social media, according to CNN. After this step, she will travel to Iowa and New Hampshire to start presenting her case to voters.

The journey to Iowa, where a third-place score in 2008 led to crumbling of her presidential ambitions, shows that Hillary Clinton is taking a commitment to not leave anything up to chance in her second bid for the White House, even though she is the favorite in the Democratic field in 2016.

Clinton has already shot her campaign video. It outlines the main themes of her bid for the presidency. The message aims at sending a signal to Democrats that she wants to aggressively combat for the party’s presidential nomination.

The focus of Clinton’s second presidential bid will be on reintroducing the former first lady to the American people. Democrats whom are close to Clinton have begun to call her the most unknown famous person in the world. Their argument is that people recognize the name of Clinton, but they are not aware of her story.

Clinton will probably trade large rallies for a series of smaller events with voters, as she aims to reintroduce herself to voters. Her supporters have asked Clinton to take more time to meet people directly and build their trust.

Clinton’s presidential campaign has long been expected. Speculation that she would make another bid for the White House has followed the former first lady since she departed from the State Department in the first months of 2013.

For a large part of the last two years, Hillary Clinton has traveled around the country delivering paid speeches, but also promoting her new memoir.

In the coming months, the Clinton campaign will use themes such as her Midwestern upbringing and her time raising a daughter to cast the presidential candidate in a more favorable light than she was seen back in the 2008 presidential run.

Voters in Iowa were delighted to see they can connect with Clinton in their homes or in coffee shops, but those small events were rare in 2008, compared to speeches and large rallies. For the 2016 elections, Clinton wants to bring out more her empathetic side, which was not seen during her previous bid for the White House.

Image Source: Huffington Post

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