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How Google’s Android M Will Make Smart Technology Smarter • Mirror Daily

David Singleton, director at Android Wear, speaks during Google I/O 2015.

After weeks of anticipation and suppositions, analysts have finally found out how Google’s Android M will make smart technology smarter. The search giant has many new features up its sleeve, so we expect smart devices to become even more efficient than they currently are.

As expected, the beginning of the Google I/O conference focused on the presentation of the much-awaited software Android M. The software does not currently feature a sweet nickname as analysts haven’t had the time to think about it, but if they follow in the footsteps of the previous denominations, Android M might soon be replaced with M&M, Marshmallow, etc.

The name of the software, however, is among the last things that the Cupertino company has thought about, as there are many interesting options that may be stressed instead. Google told guests that the upcoming software will be released later this year, but failed to communicate an exact launching date.

Analysts estimate that the major event will take place this fall as Google is known to make important launches towards the last quarter of the fiscal year. Clients, who want to get insights on the software, need not be hindered by the late launching date as Google has already made previews available for some of its Android devices. Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Play are the only gadgets that customers may now use to download M previews.

The fingerprint support is another option that tech savvies have been expecting. The standardization of the fingerprint service presupposes that users’ identity will be verified upon screen unlock, Google Play purchases and online platforms requiring secured access.

The battery life of Android devices will be significantly improved thanks to the Doze option that Google has prepared for its clients. Based on developers’ description, Doze constantly scans the content of the smart devices to determine how many processes are active at various times. If the gadget is in standby, the program will automatically shut down deeper processes in order to turn the smartphone more battery efficient.

Google Photos is another service that the search giant has unveiled during its 2015 I/O conference. The company did not say whether the new program was created as a substitute for its Google Plus social network, but the new service vows to do pretty much the same thing.

Google Photos is an online platform giving users the possibility to upload unlimited photos. The latter may be accessed from whatever gadgets people may be using, regardless of their location. The main disadvantage that analysts could think of was the fact that the quality of the photos and videos was limited to 16 MP for pictures and 1080p for videos, respectively. In spite of this small glitches, Google expects this service to become very popular as it is free and unlimited.
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