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How Men Should Cope With Stress •

Men are stressed.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Men have always been the image of power and courage and less likely to show their emotions and feelings. However, stress took its toll on men.

Based on the latest research, around 65 percent of the suicides in India come from men. Worse, 44 percent of them are caused by illness, family or marital issues. Unfortunately, men are profoundly affected by stress, and it was established that they react to it differently than women.

Compared to women, men have a more aggressive response to stress. Its source comes from financial problems, relationship issues, work anxiety and several other reasons. During the National Men’s Health Week from 13th to 19th June, officials raised awareness regarding this unseen plague that troubles the mind of most men.

Thanks to this opportunity, men will be better informed regarding mental health, stress and how to cope with it. First of all, anxiety, depression and stress are the leading causes of mental health issues in men. The symptoms of anxiety and depression consist of various forms of explosive behavior, irritability, and aggression.

Furthermore, stress can take its toll on your body as it might lower your immunity, cause pains or aches. Worse, stress can even decrease the testosterone levels and an extended period of distress can affect social intelligence.

The biggest source of stress in men usually comes from work. Men mostly work in corporations, so based on the latest study around 42.5 percent of India’s corporate employees suffer from depression. In addition to this, psychiatrists in Delhi and Bangalore established that around 35 percent of their patients showed signs of depression.

Financial problems are also a major source of anxiety for men. It is also worth mentioning that men, just as women, need attention. They also feel the need to be taken care of and understood. According to the experts, early detection of mental and physical issues related to stress are essential to support a man’s health condition.

Scientists encourage men to be more vocal and to stop avoiding sensitive topics. Instead, they should be open to communication, especially with their colleagues, friends, family, and wives. Talking with each other will strengthen the relationship. Even if you cry sometimes, that is not so bad.

Men are allowed to cry as well. All in all, men should understand that stress is not something to be dealt with alone. Staying connected with the ones around you and putting your faith in God will help you deal with everyday problems.

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