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how to avoid a shark attack •

In 2015 shark attacks reached a new record, but the number of swimmers was also increased.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Last year shark attacks reached a new record of 98 confirmed cases. The causes of the increased number of attacks are not yet determined. Some researchers say that the main culprit is the violent El Nino phenomenon that affected the shark population in 2015, others claim that the attacks increased proportionally with the number of swimmers.

George Burgess, a shark expert from the International File of Shark Attacks declared in an interview that the number of swimmers has increased significantly. This explains the higher amount of reported shark attacks.

Burgess also provided his interviewers with a few tips for avoiding the deadly predator when going for a swim.

According to Burgess, a person must not surf, dive and swim alone. If you want to venture off into the water you must do so in the company of two or more friends.

Usually, the sharks feed at night, dawn and dusk, and when they do this they approach the shore in order to find easier prey. In Hawaii, for example, the top hours in which people are bitten are 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM.

Burgess also warns about bodily fluids. Sharks have a very sensitive nose and they can detect the smell of blood from miles away. This means that an open wound can turn you into a target. So make sure that you let your wounds close up before deciding to take a swim in shark-infested waters.

As mentioned earlier, sharks have a very sensible nose and an appetite for wounded creatures. This means that if you are spearfishing or simply fishing, you should take into consideration the fact that you might receive a visit from a not-so-friendly hungry shark. Also, it is best for people who spearfish to keep their catch at a safe distance from them.

It would be best to avoid harbor entrances, murky waters, stream and channel mouths and steep drop-offs because they are frequently visited by sharks in search of their next meal.

A sense of fashion at the beach was always important. But be careful and try to avoid wearing any clothing that features high contrasting colors. They confuse the sharks making them think that you belong somewhere in the coral reef and you are on the OK feeding list. Also, it is best to avoid wearing shiny jewelry.

Swimming with pets might be fun, and splashing water with friends is, even more, fun, but it is also highly dangerous. Erratic movements in the world of the sea usually signify a marine creature that is in distress, thus vulnerable. And a shark loves vulnerability. Usually for lunch.

In the case in which you see dolphins, don’t stay in the water to swim with them. Dolphin presence is usually a sign of a shark approaching the coast.

If you follow all these rules and still see a shark approaching don’t turn your back to it. The best way of handling the situation is to move away while keeping a constant eye on it. If it gets too close then you can hit it in its snout. This confuses them and allows you to escape.

Shark attacks reached a new record last year, but if you follow these simple guidelines you will be able to avoid the third-degree encounter with the most ferocious marine predator.

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