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How To Bee Successful in Beekeeping • Mirror Daily

Learn how to handle bees.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Beekeeping has become quite popular over the last few years. But this bee hobby is unique as it requires a lot of skill and dedication.

Still, it is good news that there is a growing interest in this activity because bees are facing a large variety of threats. Bees pollinate around 90 percent of the world’s crops which represent 70 percent of the entire planet’s source of food.

In other words, if all bees die, we will all starve. These insects have to deal with dangerous climate changes, pesticides, human ignorance, pollution, and other pests such as mites. Worse, around 44 percent of the bee colonies die every year, meaning that bees might not have such a bright future.

These top pollinators need our attention the most. To become a successful beekeeper, you need to have a basic knowledge about them and to follow a simple set of rules that will help you maintain not only the bees’ number but also improve the quality of your beehives.

First of all, if you want to start with the right foot, you have to be passionate about bees. Experts advise beginner beekeepers to purchase an excellent beehive as it will be the home of these insects. There are many sizes and shapes of beehives, so everyone can afford buying one.

You also need to protect yourself by purchasing a beekeeping suit that will prevent bees from getting any close to your skin. This suit is also safe for bees because they will not die trying to protect the hive from you. The full equipment includes a set of gloves, clothing, hat, and a veil.

Another important piece of advice for beekeepers is to place their beehive in a wide area, not too close to other people’s houses or your garden. In addition to this, the beehives should always have access to the sun. Bees can be acquired from more experienced beekeepers, local beekeeping association, or from online stores.

You need to make sure that your bees have enough plants and flowers in the surrounding area. Beginner beekeepers need to make a bee check a few times a week until they learn to do it perfectly. Still, this process might be stressful for bees so you might want to be quite delicate when you handle them.

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